The Importance of Teachers

As the son of a now-retired teacher and as someone who seriously thought about becoming a teacher myself, I cannot point out how much this hit home for me. People think teachers ‘just’ teach content. They do so much more. They are the life-blood of society. It’s teachers that give their students the confidence to explore their passions—passions that often lead to life-defining career moves, ideologies, and personal development. Yes, teachers teach content but they serve a far greater purpose.

A Year Later: 3 Unexpected Experiences since leaving South Africa for England

I don’t pretend for a second that England is without its share of problems—think Brexit, Boris Johnson, the cuts to the National Health Service, negotiations with the US that would drastically increase the price of medications and harm the NHS yet again, the inhumane hours for junior doctors, or the horrendous austerity measures which have wreaked havoc on thousands