The Altitude Group – Check Them Out

Hey Guys… Me again…

In November last year, when UCT was closed due to tensions between the Fees Must Fall Protesters and the University Administration, I started working with a Disability Employment Agency in Wynberg as a Researcher. Since then, I’ve been involved in several projects with them.

Once varsity re-started a couple of weeks ago I’ve continued working for Altitude in my free time – something that, thanks to my combined academic and Altitude work coupled with my various extra-mural activities, I seem to have very little of at the moment. Mais c’est la vie je pense so, I’ll keep on keeping on.

Recently I helped them complete a recruitment drive for over 100 learners for a Services SETA Learnership starting last month. It’s been several months since I started with them and I am still amazed by the various ways in which they try and assist the Cape Town Disabled Community.

My belief in their project is, quite frankly, the primary reason that I decided to continue my work with them. Then again, the fact that a protracted time with them looks really good on my CV this early in my career sounds awesome too but that’s just a bonus.

As part of the various tasks I’ve been doing for them, I’ve written a few articles on who they are, what they do as well as what they’re cooking up in their collective heads for further community development. In between my article-writing gig with them I’ve also been managing their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Despite my best efforts, sadly, I cannot seem to get the readership on the Facebook group to remain as high as I’d like it. Perhaps that is something to do with the fact that (a) Altitude isn’t a particularly well known agency outside of its industry and (b) their social media accounts have only been active in any real sense since the start of my time with them. I’m probably being a little impatient – a typical Aidan-type thing to do, so that’s just me I guess.

If you’re interested in having a look at what The Altitude Group gets up to check out the website here or looks them/us on Facebook and Twitter.

Bye, bye for now

– A

Sorry for the Radio Silence, I’m Back.

Sorry for the long radio silence but it has been hectic for me for the last while. Also, the fact that I don’t see much traffic coming by this place, it does make me feel as though I’m talking to myself sometimes.

That aside, I’m planning on taking a much more active role with this blog than I have been. I know I’ve promised this before but I’m hoping that attempt A6163-B will finally yield an addiction to blogging such that you will be begging me to get a life and stay off this thing. One can only hope 🙂

During my time ‘away’ I have been continuing with my studies at UCT and have moved into my Second Year with majors in English, History and Psychology. I can’t exactly tell you how they are going at the moment as the third week has only just drawn to a close and it is still too early in the year. From what I have seen, though, they’re going well. There have been the odd bump or two but no more than you would expect from the beginning of a new academic year.

Part of the reason for the radio silence recently, though, is that I have gone through a bit of personal writer’s block. I’ve been able to write articles for work and the odd assignment but for the last little while, when it comes to anything non-work/academically related I’ve been stumped. In truth, it wasn’t until I came across a friend today near the local on-campus coffee shop while she was writing a blog post for a blog that she runs, that Disability Diaries resurfaced to the forefront of my mind.

I guess, then, I owe this latest post to her.

For the life of me, I cannot remember the name of her blog right now so I promise to link it in a future post once I have had a chance to do some good old-fashioned internet stalking.


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