Sorry for the Radio Silence, I’m Back.

Sorry for the long radio silence but it has been hectic for me for the last while. Also, the fact that I don’t see much traffic coming by this place, it does make me feel as though I’m talking to myself sometimes.

That aside, I’m planning on taking a much more active role with this blog than I have been. I know I’ve promised this before but I’m hoping that attempt A6163-B will finally yield an addiction to blogging such that you will be begging me to get a life and stay off this thing. One can only hope 🙂

During my time ‘away’ I have been continuing with my studies at UCT and have moved into my Second Year with majors in English, History and Psychology. I can’t exactly tell you how they are going at the moment as the third week has only just drawn to a close and it is still too early in the year. From what I have seen, though, they’re going well. There have been the odd bump or two but no more than you would expect from the beginning of a new academic year.

Part of the reason for the radio silence recently, though, is that I have gone through a bit of personal writer’s block. I’ve been able to write articles for work and the odd assignment but for the last little while, when it comes to anything non-work/academically related I’ve been stumped. In truth, it wasn’t until I came across a friend today near the local on-campus coffee shop while she was writing a blog post for a blog that she runs, that Disability Diaries resurfaced to the forefront of my mind.

I guess, then, I owe this latest post to her.

For the life of me, I cannot remember the name of her blog right now so I promise to link it in a future post once I have had a chance to do some good old-fashioned internet stalking.


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