So… This is me…

2015-05-11_Headshot_AJB_TDD_Rev0I think my love of writing had been instilled in me – or at least nurtured – while I was still at school. In addition to enjoying writing, I developed a deep appreciation for poetry and English Literature (most especially Shakespeare and the Romantic Poets). As to whether the writing led to the literature or vice versa I’m not too sure.

Blogging as a medium through which I could write has been something I’ve had an on-again, off-again relationship with. For several years I’d go through phases of establishing and managing a blog, get bored, forget about it, and eventually change platform as I would become convinced that the reason I don’t keep up with it is because I didn’t like the way the platform (read: Blogger, Wix, WordPress etc.) operated. No sooner had I opened an account with the next platform did the cycle begin to repeat itself.

In addition to being a Literature Major born and raised in Cape Town, I was born with Cerebral Palsy and have spent my life in the Disability World – the last 6 years or so of which in a wheelchair. Having finished school and being well on my way to finishing my Undergraduate at the time of establishing this new blog, I feel I might finally have something worth writing about that would hopefully motivate me to continue. Ultimately, I hope that by writing this, I’ll be able to expose the world as I see it not only to those who read this but also to myself.

Hopefully, this will be an adventure. Who knows, we may even enjoy it!

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