Disability Discrimination at UCT

So… Let’s hope I can make this a little less ranty than I have with my last few posts.

I’m not entirely too sure what it was exactly that pushed UCT’s Disability Service to publish this but I’m glad they did all the same. I’d like to think that it had something to do with my most recent FaceBook rant regarding the unreliable lifts but I’m not going to be cocky and think that I was the one to push them into making their post public.

The post was a stark awakening to the discrimination and other injustices UCT’s Disabled Community faces. Even as a member of the aforementioned population group, I was unaware of this. I knew there was discrimination to the disabled community, just not at this extent.

I hope that their post, coupled with the protestations of the Disabled Community, both in and outside of the university, raise the necessary awareness for something to be done about these despicable acts


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