Accessibility Alert: UCT Lifts

How can we learn if we can’t get to class

It’s been an astronomically short period of time since my last post but I think this needs some discussion, particularly given what has just happened.

No sooner had I finished writing the last blog post, The Weaponised Pooch and tried to make headway in getting to my 10AM lecture did the Steve Biko lift breakdown leaving me stranded on the 4th floor – this is after it had repairs done due to a breakdown just last week. It was only by pure luck that I was able to get off that level as the Disability Service know of a route that I was unaware of. That aside, the most recent breakdown of the Steve Biko lift makes yet another installment on the list of broken lifts. With the exception of one very tempramental lift in Leslie Social, all the lifts which grant access to a majority of Upper Campus for physically disabled students are broken down and unusable. Please take note at the number of breakdowns that took place in order to make this statement possible:
1. MOLLY BLACKBURN (L50):This lift, although small, provides crucial access to and from University Avenue (off which most of the teaching venues are located) to the Steve Biko Building, the Cafeteria and some other teaching venues. Been out of commission for the entire semester, save 2 hours on the second day.

2. STEVE BIKO: Grants access from the Cafeteria to the offices of the Student Representative Council and Varsity Newspaper, the Disability Service, the Steve Biko Computer Lab just to name a few. Out of commission on and off for the last 2 weeks or so

3. Both PD Hahn Lifts: Although further away, these would be able to substitute the Steve Biko Lift for access to teaching venues. These have been down since the beginning of the semester and are being replaced – meaning they will only come on line in 3-4 months, essentially the rest of the year.

Although the Leslie Lifts should be able to get me to my classes if I go via an exceptionally long and convoluted route, I have found that the Leslie Lifts also breakdown far more than they should and so I’m inclined to avoid them as much as possible. Share the companion FaceBook post if you think this is wrong here
Many thanks,


P.S. I’m hoping to have a less ranty post soon. 🙂

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