Ableism Alert: Sterkinekor Cinemas, South Africa

Dear Readers,

I was recently made aware by a deaf friend of mine that Sterkinekor Cinemas in South Africa do not provide a single show with subtitles for the some 1.5 million Deaf/Hard of Hearing people in South Africa (some 28% of the total population. In response to this, there is a petition going around for Sterkinekor to provide one show a week with subtitles – it’s currently at 182 signatures. I ask that you click here and join myself and the other 181 people wishing for equality! Aidan

"See the person, not the chair"

A friend of mine from university shared this blog post by Sarah Wilson, 20 Things Not to Say or do to Someone in a Wheelchair. Since reading the article and sharing it on my FaceBook page, I pretty much for got about it until yesterday when I rediscovered this gem.

It wasn’t until I read the article that these things came out of the shadows screaming their inappropriateness. A lot of these such as the “coming down to my level” and “patting me on the head” occurred to me personally.

A couple of minutes ago while trying (in vain) to find something useful to do, I discovered this on Pinterest:


People, this is the cardinal rule. Remember that.

The Life & Experiences of a Disabled University Student

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