Life After Varsity: The Plan So Far

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Sorry for the late posting guys (although it’s still technically Saturday). So, as you probably know, last week I released a poll on Twitter asking you guys what today’s post should be about. When I checked the results this morning there was a 2/3 majority wanting me to outline my plans (as they currently are) are after I graduate at the end of next year.

Currently, I’m half-way through my Undergraduate at UCT with majors in English and History. While I’m currently in Cape Town, my end-goal is to live and work in London. Immediately, however, my plan is to finish the undergrad and then leave for England as soon as possible afterward.

The Great Migration

My family and I have been planning, in varying degrees of seriousness, to move to England following a Family Reunion in mid-2015. More recently, though, we made the final decision that we’re sticking to come hell or high water: we’re leaving.

My sister and her husband have been living in London since January and loved every minute. My parents and I are set to leave South Africa once I’ve graduated. One of the main reasons for our delay, aside from my studies, was so that we could get the house sold to provide us with the capital to purchase property in England.

As of a few weeks ago, we managed to sell the house and, since, the buyers were unable to make a full cash-offer have made up a majority of the difference by allowing us to pay a highly-subsidized occupational rent until December of next year. This suits us fantastically as we’d be able to say goodbye to a house where we spent the last 15 years and go directly to England.

Thanks to my father being born in England, my sister and I are entitled to British Citizenship. Citizenship alone, though, will not entitle me to pay home-student fees unless I’ve been resident in the UK for a minimum of 3 years. Since the Rand, in comparison with the Pound at the moment is little more than Monopoly Money, I’ve decided to take what would essentially amount to a 3-year ‘gap-year.’

While in the ‘Gap’

To try and stave off the boredom as much as anything else, I’m planning on doing a PGCE through the University of South Africa (our equivalent of England’s Open University) while living in England so that I can become a qualified teacher. The hope is that, with my PGCE in hand in addition to an Undergraduate Degree in English & History, I can find a job as a teacher and eventually do a part-time Masters.

A Masters

While it’s too early to eek out the specifics of my Masters just yet, since I’ve had a particular love of Shakespeare as well as the Elizabethan Period in English History it would probably centre around Shakespeare and/or English Literature from that era. That said, it’s far too soon to tell in any greater detail. I still think it could be fascinating though.

At the moment, the whole Life Plan is still in its Draft Phase so I’m expecting some things to change a little bit but that’s as much as I can tell you at the moment about what little I’ve decided on.


P.S.: Let me know if you guys want updates on the plans as they develop. Also, since the poll idea worked out well, I’m going to release a poll directly on the blog tomorrow so I can get an idea of what you want to know.

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