My Relationship with Blogging

Hey guys,

I’m actually a little surprised with the traffic that’s been coming here. The Disability Diaries hasn’t been running very long in real terms but I’ve been in and out of the Blogosphere since my early-teens if memory serves. That said, it was only recently with the establishment of The Disability Diaries that I have felt a true, lasting relationship begin to form.

If I’m honest, one of the earliest things I remember on the subject was just wanting a space to write. Writing short stories and things like that never really interested me though. I’m not that type of person. I don’t think that I’m particularly imaginative when it comes to cooking up a story, expanding on it, and maintaining it over time. I’m far better with non-fiction writing. ‘The Blog’ seemed like a good idea at the time as it was a space that could be my own but, at the same time, not so private that I felt no one would read it.

While I blogging has been something I’d periodically get into and drop out of, it feels different with The Disability Diaries. Somehow it feels like it better portrays me as a person. This is most probably due to the fact that I am coming more into my own as a writer and becoming more confident in writing. There is no doubt that I find myself being far more confident in my writing ability in the last couple of years or so but I think knowing people are willing to read it inspires me to continue.

As well as being inspired by other bloggers, and by the interaction with my blog, I’m finding that I enjoy writing the blog as much as I know some of you (Ellie, @QuiteIndividual, and several others that I know of) enjoy reading it. Also, I’m finding this blog, in particular, to be rather therapeutic for me on several levels.

In case you are not aware, I am keeping to a strict schedule of posting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays (although I can’t be precise about times because of my various other commitments). So far this schedule seems to be working for me. Hell, if I could afford the time and had the energy to do that much editing I’d be posting several times a day but alas. That said, if there is something I’m excited about, I’m not going to wait until the next scheduled date so you might end up with some ‘extras.’

Blogging started out as a means to satiate a little boredom and indulge a curiosity some years ago but it’s grown into something more for me. As good as blogging for me has been in the past, it never seemed to last long because I’d get bored and forget to update it for several months. The Disability Diaries, though, is the first time in the 5-6 years of blogging that I can truly see myself keeping up with.

Here’s to a continued, happy relationship.

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